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Firm's Philosophy

"Many attorneys don't listen, don't respond to their clients, don't help their clients plan for the future. Many attorneys just don't care."

Ms. Rozovics created the Rozovics Law Firm, LLC in September 2006 because she was continually saddened when she heard complaints from people about their past experiences with the legal profession.  Ms. Rozovics wished to demonstrate that attorneys can be caring, personable professionals while simultaneously providing zealous, quality and sophisticated legal services for their clients.  

Ms. Rozovics believes that a successful professional relationship requires careful listening to the client's needs and helping the client figure out what those needs are.  Ms. Rozovics uses her experience to help her clients figure out where they are, where they want to go, and how they can use legal procedures to reach their goals.

All clients are expected to take an active role in their matters, whether transactional or litigation.  The Firm provides each client with the legal context needed to understand their factual situation, and the implications of taking certain actions.   Working together, Client and Firm will discuss the legal implications of Client's proposed actions, both in the short and long term.  Armed with this knowledge, Client will be able to make informed decisions about how it is best to proceed. 

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